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Meltin’ Metal


I invite people to look at my art and view the pieces from their own perspective and life experience. My sculptures may communicate with you. Most of my sculptures purposely have no name, so not to influence what others see.

Welding and forging techniques are used to shape, construct and give the sculptures texture. The one of a kind artworks create unique forms with a free flowing movement. Welding and forging art gives me the ability to conceive and create sculptures so that shapes can be placed in juxtapositions that attract attention and challenge the mind.

The Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, finding beauty from imperfection, has always intrigued me. I create for myself and if my sculptures communicate well with others their connection to my art is fulfilling.

-Frederick Goldstein


Art Works

metal art new smyrna beach


Fred Goldstein, Sculptor


Fred Goldstein, Sculptor


Fred Goldstein, Sculptor

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… I realized there were shapes and textures I wanted to create with metal that I could not achieve with a welder. As a result, I learned to use blacksmithing with a coal fire, hammer and anvil. I suppose I dreamed what I wanted to do and then learned new skills to accomplish what I wanted to create …

Frederick Goldstein